Entering this realm allows you to go places that few in the world have ever ventured.  ‘Alpine’ encompasses many different mountaineering mediums including glacier travel, rock climbing, ice climbing and trekking.  Whatever the mountain requires to reach its summit  
photo: 80’ below the summit of Pisco, Peru

This activity will challenge you both physically and mentally.  Gripping the rock 10 to 2000 feet above the ground while trying to problem solve the next sequence of moves will really make your heart pump. photo: the Javelin 5.9  Leavenworth, WA


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Escape into the lift-free mountains in search of untouched champaign powder.  Whether you choose to do day trips from your hotel or a multi-day hut trip, Crested Butte CO is an amazing playground that will fit the bill.

photo: touring to Gothic Mtn Crested Butte, CO


 Ski a Colorado 14er from the summit
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Choose Your Own Adventure

Just like the books you read as a child, now you get to choose where your next vacation takes you.  Hike a Colorado 14er, Summit the Highest Points in every state, Rock Climb in Patagonia, Sport Climb on the coast of Thailand...or somewhere else?

SaLT Mountaineering will give you the tools you need to make your next adventure a success.  Whether or not we come along is up to you.

photo: descending Mt Pisco (18,897’)  Peru

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Fifty Classic Climbs of NAhttp://www.smileysproject.com/Committed__Fifty_Classic_Climbs_of_North_America/Committed.html
Follow the Smileys as they cruise around the country, attempting to be the first to climb these classic climbs.  This 25,000 mile road trip will take them up over 164,000 vertical feet of technical terrain.

You can follow the experience by clicking here and ask to join the mailing list.  You will be the first to see amazing videos and witty written updates, but mostly videos.

photo: Summit of Half Dome, Yosemite NP, CAmailto:mark@saltmountaineering.com?subject=Keep%20Me%20in%20the%20Loop!http://www.smileysproject.com/Committed__Fifty_Classic_Climbs_of_North_America/Committed.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
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